Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership is tasked with prioritizing strategic objectives, delegating responsibilities and resources to Development Teams, and collecting objective metrics for success. The Executive Leadership contains up to 5 members who will serve for 2–5 years. Current (founding) members include:

  • Damien Fair
  • Satrajit Ghosh
  • Gregory Kiar
  • Michael Milham

Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee serves to translate Community needs and input into a holistic strategic vision with clear strategic objectives, and provide advising guidance to Development Teams. The Strategic Committee is comprised of 6–10 active NMIND community members, including at least 40% early career researchers, who will each serve for 2–3 years. The current (founding) members include:

  • Eric Feckzo
  • Dorota Jarecka
  • Ting Xu

Development Team Leads

The Development Teams are tasked with carrying out action plans within a prioritized strategic objective, collaborating with other development teams, sharing progress with Executive Leadership and Strategic Committees, and disseminating final deliverable to Community. Team Leads manage their respective projects on rolling terms as-needed. Current Team Leads are:

  • Coding Standards: Mathias Goncalves
  • Documentation: to be confirmed
  • Testing: Dorota Jarecka, Gregory Kiar
  • Benchmark Data: Eric Feckzo
  • Terminology: Chris Markiewicz

Active Community Members

The Community is central to NMIND and its success. Ongoing interactions with the broad scientific Community allow for NMIND to maintain a sense of current strengths in research practices, the needs of researchers, and identify goals for the project at large. If you are interested in participating, head over to the "Get Involved" page. A (certainly non-exhaustive) list of participating members include:

Michael Milham, Damien Fair, Russell Poldrack, Theodore Satterthwaite, Satrajit Ghosh, Greg Kiar, Eric Earl, Chris Markiewicz, Steven Giavasis, Eric Feczko, Oscar Esteban, Mathias Goncalves, Jon Clucas, Teresa George, Xinhui Li, Amanda Rueter, Amy Gutierrez, Anders Perrone, Audrey Houghton, Benjamin Kay, Dorota Jarecka, Gregory Conan, Hecheng Jin, Kathy Snider, Lucille Moore, Robert Hermosillo, Thomas Madison, Yaroslav Halchenko