There are a number of ways to participate in the NMIND Community. Try out one of the following:

Software Contribution

Check out one of our repositories on GitHub. Feedback, questions, and contributions are always welcome!


Join us for monthly hack-a-days on! Add this event to your calendar, and join us on the first Thursday of the month.


Test out the NMIND standards on your own tool! You can go through the checklists and see how you’re doing!

Mailing List

Join the NMIND Google Group! Check out the discussions, ask questions, and join the community.

Hack Logbooks

Look at the logbook of previous hackathons to see the topics NMIND has talked about, the issues we’ve tackled, and get a sense of the community!

Active Members

Look at our Team page to see who is involved, how we operate, and find an entrypoint!